Sovereignty Glass X SYN

We had a couple of clear Sovereignty Glass beaker water pipes with broken tree percs at the the Shockoe Bottom store. We tried Sovereignty Glass, but he didn't have the resources required to do repairs. Let me tell you how cool Fat Mike and the SYN crew are. They took the two broken SG's and repaired them for us. Well more than repaired them for us. What we got back were 2 of the best looking pipes I had seen through the shop in a while. Sick work SYN! There was an earth tone one and a fire theme one. I just loved the the earth tone one, and I felt like I missed out when it sold.
So here is where SYN gets cooler. I had a 12mm slide made by the glassblower Trainwreck. I wanted it to be converted to 14mm glass on glass. So I gave it to SYN. A couple months go by. I asked about it. It had been repaired, but Fat Mike wasn't satisfied with the quality of work. A couple more months go by. I find out it's missing. Fat Mike felt really bad and offered me this ridiculous, fully worked water pipe. Check it out on the right. Sick, right?! A bit much for my taste though.
So I asked Mike if he'd repair my girlfriend's broken SG instead. He said yes, and I asked him to do it in the same theme as the earth tone I liked so much. Well what I got back was one of SYN's new 8 armed fixed stems with a Sovereignty label. Shit is sick! The tree is worked. It's got a double section that's encased and a window slide. The mouth, the ice pinch and the edge of the foot all match as well! This ought to have a SYN label on it, since there isn't any Sovereignty left except the label! My girlfriend and I both love this piece. Thank you Fat Mike and SYN! Check out more pics in the SYN gallery or the Sovereignty Glass gallery.

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