Roor Glass 50x5 14" Beaker - Pink

$ 600.00
$ 600.00

Elevate your smoking sessions with the RooR 50x5 14" Beaker. Enjoy the vibrant Pink color, savor smooth hits, and embrace the authenticity and quality that RooR is known for. Included with this RooR water pipe is a matching pink-rimmed 14mm slide and a pink 6" downstem, ensuring a coordinated and visually appealing look. To guarantee authenticity, the RooR Authentication tag is attached to the beaker, assuring you of the genuine RooR experience.

About the artist:

ROOR was founded in 1995 by Martin Birzle. The philosophy behind ROOR was based on intensive focus of glassblowing craftsmanship and extraordinary artworks. One of the unique processes behind ROOR glass is the balance between volume and water for which they aim to achieve an optimum ratio.

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