Licit Glass

Licit Glass Reflected Circ Tube

$ 350.00
$ 350.00

Elevate your smoking journey with the Licit Glass Reflected Circ Tube. Standing at an impressive 20" height and 5" width, this piece is a masterpiece of design and function. Featuring a double circ perc and ufo perc, each hit is filtered to perfection. The ice pinch adds a cooling touch to your draws. Equipped with a 90-degree female joint and a 14mm male slide, this piece is a symbol of innovation. Elevate your sessions with this ultimate fusion of artistry and performance.

About the artist:

A Virginia-based company, Licit Glass is proud to be at the forefront of the glass pipe industry. They use their 60+ years of combined expertise in lampworking to produce only the best quality glass pipes on the market today.

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