Krave Glycerin Recycler Tube

$ 140.00
$ 140.00

Featuring a variety of colors to pick, the Krave Glycerin Recycler Tube stands out from the crowd. It is freezable, allowing you to enjoy icy cool hits for a smoother and more enjoyable session. Equipped with a 14mm female joint, this tube offers compatibility with various accessories and attachments. The 3-hole perc ensures excellent filtration and diffusion, delivering smooth and flavorful hits. With a height of 11 inches and a 5mm thick beaker, it offers durability and stability. 

About the artist:

Krave Glass has been a popular brand in the industry since 2010. They are known for their high-end line of functional borosilicate glass pieces. All their pieces are designed with a combination of experienced scientific glass-blowing techniques and functional glass art.

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