Jerome Baker Designs

Jerome Baker OG Animal Tube

$ 500.00
$ 500.00

Measuring 15" tall and 5" wide, the OG Animal Tube offers a substantial size that ensures powerful hits and satisfying draws. Crafted with beautiful fumed blue and yellow glass, this bong exhibits a stunning color-changing effect as you use it, adding an element of visual wonder to your sessions. The glass dots along the neck accentuate the bong's vibrant colors, elevating the aesthetic appeal even further. Made by the master glass artist Jerome Baker himself, the OG Animal Tube guarantees superior craftsmanship and unmatched quality. Each bong comes with an authenticity sticker and JBD stamp, verifying its genuine origin and ensuring you're getting an authentic Jerome Baker creation. 

About the artist:

Jerome Baker (also known as Jason Harris) is a Eugene, Oregon based glass blower and the founder of Jerome Baker Designs. Baker started his career in glassblowing in 1991 by apprenticing with Bob Snodgrass. Since then, he has created blown glass artwork for celebrities, rock stars and sports figures.

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