Illuminati Amsterdam

$ 150.00
$ 150.00

Experience the sophistication and craftsmanship of the Illuminati Amsterdam water pipe. Standing at an impressive 18 inches tall with a 4-inch width, this bong exudes elegance and style.The Illuminati Amsterdam features an ice pinch, allowing you to add ice cubes for a cooler smoking experience. The standout feature is the gold New Amsterdam Glass logo, adding a touch of opulence to the overall design. Includes a 14mm slide and diffuser downstem for added convenience.

Headquartered just east of New York City, Illuminati Glass focuses on highly functional scientific glass made from German Schott borosilicate tubing, along with American color rods. Illuminati Glass takes the name of their distinct brand of imaginative pieces from one of the most well known groups in American culture: the mysterious Illuminati. 


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