Leisure Glass

Baby Jesus Incycler Leisure Glass

$ 750.00
$ 750.00

Introducing the Baby Jesus Incycler by Leisure Glass, a divine masterpiece of glassware that takes your smoking experience to heavenly heights. Standing at a height of 9.75 inches and a width of 3 inches, this rig combines exceptional craftsmanship with stunning aesthetics. This rig features a 14mm female joint, providing compatibility with a wide range of accessories. It boasts a 4-slit perc followed by a Jesus Seal Pillar Perc, ensuring optimal filtration and diffusion

About the artist:

Leisure Glass is owned and operated by the well-known Southern California glassblower Luke Wilson. Luke has been blowing glass for over 19 years and produces quality Scientific Glass bongs, dab rigs, and bowls with innovative functions.

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