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Airis Mystica Ace

$ 25.00
$ 25.00

Airis Mystica Ace - 510 Cart Battery Vape with Lifetime Warranty

The Airis Mystica Ace is a 510 cart battery, with an LED display screen and a long-lasting lifespan. It has an in-built 650mAh battery that is dual charging. It has 2 charging ports - USB Type-C and Apple Lightning. This means that you'll always find a charging cable lying around your home or buddies house!

Careful and mindful vapers will love the Mystica Ace, as it comes with a lifetime warranty! This means that the device has a guarantee has against defects in materials, electrical components and workmanship. If your device stops working - We will replace it with a brand new device. Forever! The Airis Mystica Ace is a reliable vape with a long lifespan.

There are 3 heat settings which are indicated by the color of flame shown on the LED display screen;

  • 3.4V / 11W - Green Flame
  • 3.7V / 13W - Blue Flame
  • 4.2V / 15W - Red Flame

The device has a drop-in magnetic connection that makes swapping 510 thread cartridges effortless. The cartridge is housed within the device body. This means that the durable aluminum-alloy body encases your cart, and protects it from accidental damage!

The Mystica Ace by Airistech boasts a host of features including an oil viewing window, power button activation and 10 second auto shutoff. The Mystica Ace is available in a range of stunning colors - Try your favorite today!

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