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The Firefly pendants are now available on line over 35+ to choose from. Available here ----> Firefly 4/20

Mickael Broth Mural Of Bernie Sanders Goes Up on Broad Street

Mickael was recently asked by local building owner David Morrison to put a mural of Bernie Sanders up, and the result was amazing! 

Broth said the youthful image was inspired by an old logo associated with Los Angeles punk band, the Circle Jerks. The mural can be seen at 3300 W. Broad St. across from CBS-6, on the old Sea Dream Leather building.

Later this week we will also be releasing our t-shirt that Mickael designed as well in a limited quantity of 50 pieces. 

Check out Mickael's work thenightowlwashere.com

and stay tuned for the t-shirt release this weekend!


‘The Simpsons’ in Supreme, OFF-WHITE, BAPE & Yeezy's

For the second installment of Simpsons characters in your favorite streetwear, Tommy Bates is back with Part 2. Bates goes a little more detailed this time with full scenes of your characters decked out in dopest items of the year. Featuring Bart, Millhouse, Krusty and Mr. Burns, you can spot everything from the hard to get Supreme, Nike sneakers, BAPE hats, and Virgil Abloh's OFF-WHITE Clothing. Artist Olga Wójcik also did a set of illustrations featuring the Simpson's as Sneakerheads with Homer in front of his collection of kicks and featuring Lisa and Bart with the Yeezy Boost. HUF, and Undefeated are also featured.


Check out more of Tommy Bates work HERE

Check out more of Olga Wójcik's work on Instagram




THIS SATURDAY 3/12/16 IS THE DAY!! Mothership Glass will be dropping at 8am at our 1212 1/2 W. Cary St. location. It's a first come first served method, and if you have ever been people start camping out on Friday night! Drive Safe and see everyone bright and early Saturday!!

Art Installation & Cool Out Sale 3/12/16

At Kulture VCU 3/11/16 for the art installation featuring work from KEV.R. JOHNSON. There will be beverages, muchies on the grill, music and more! Show starts at 8pm until 10pm where we will also be having a 15% off sale in store. There will also be a limited amount of prints and tshirts available as well!

Artist of the month February 2016: Scar Glass

1.So how long have you been blowing glass? 

I've been blowing glass for just around12 years now I started messing around in my moms garage  when I was 20 and began my formal apprenticeship on my 21st birthday. I will be turning 33 (my boro year) this September 

2.How did you start? 

I was working in a head shop when I was 20 and started developing a genuine appreciation for headies and glass art of all types. The more I researched the process of glassblowing the more intrigued I got until I finally set up a small set up in my moms garage and was instantly hooked as soon as I melted my first rod!


3.Where do you grab inspiration? 

To be honest I love a lot of "geek" stuff These days most of my inspiration comes from comic books, Star Wars, superhero and sci fi movies , and some cartoons. I also love podcasts Howard stern, and my dog!


4.Current torch? 

I work on a GTT Mirage. It's an amazing piece of equipment capable of almost any glass project you can think of. 


5.Favorite style? 

I love working with color. Originally I was taught to do inside out "chaos" style which I still do a lot of, but my favorite style when it comes to glass is reversal or line work, montaged with beautiful unique  color sections. I'm also a big fan of some of the sculptural work that's out there but it's not my strength In glass personally.

6.Future goals?

I'd like to continue to push myself further and further with my work. I have some ideas in my head for where I'd like to take my glass that I'm just beginning to feel like I can accomplish. My goal is to continue to develop my skill sets in order to make the pieces I've always dreamed of.

7.Work alone or with a group?

I work with a few other guys in my shop. I like to have other people in the shop to bounce ideas off of.

8.Any particular artist you work with? 

I worked at Cornerstone for 5 years I was unbelievably fortunate to meet and work around some of the most amazing artists in the industry.


9.Who would you like to work with?

I would love to meet and work with "Gasp" he was the first artist I ever collected, he has always been one of my favorites and he just recently got back on the torch.


10.How has the industry changed?

There is a lot more information out there. It's easier for new guys to get into this and learn. When I first started it was still a very secretive underground art form. It's cool to see how far things have come when it comes to the popularity of glassblowing and how much the average collector knows about the process and what goes into making these pieces.


11.Concentrate or flower? 


12.Any Pets?

I have a blue nose pitbull named Tippa... She's my whole world

13.Favorite beer, liquor? 

Red wine


14.Favorite convention, venue? 

Champs and DFO


15.Favorite place to travel?

Coastal Oregon with my dog


6.Favorite food?

Breakfast cereal with fruit


17.Favorite movie? 

Star Wars, Fight club, Pulp fiction,  and the Matrix


18.If not a glass artist, what?

I dunno maybe a chef or some sort of behind the scenes job in movie production


19.Favorite music or artist? 

Daft punk, Howard stern, Phil Kutno, Alex Grey, Ernest Cline

20.Any generation to be born? 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…? 

The 80s


21.Where do you relax?

The Oregon coast, in a movie theatre, or lying in my bed.


22.Go back 5 years, what would you do? 

Take more risks In my glass. I'd like to have had more confidence to have pushed myself further down the path

23.Typical day? 

Truthfully I work at least 12 -14 hours a day. I Wake up drink a cup of coffee feed the dog run errands if need be then get to the shop and start grinding as hard as I can.

24.When you’re not working, what? 

I like walking my dog around the river. Swimming at the gym, I'm into cooking, and I love going to the movies

25.Next project? 

I want to work on a few pieces inspired by my favorite superheroes.

26.Perks of being an artist? 

I get to make my own schedule, dress how I want, I'm accountable to myself, and I work with some amazing awesome people.

27.Celebrity crush? 

Lizzie Kaplan, Kristen Ritter, Olivia Wilde

28.Favorite colors to work with?

I love the crayon colors for my line and cane work but My favorite thing to do with color is layer multiple colors to get unique affects. One of my favorite combos is white with striking red with extra light yellow. I've also been loving silver unobtanium lately

29.Turn on’s, turn off’s?

ON: Integrity and free spiritedness

OFF: Bullshit and egomaniacs


Check out of of his available work HERE!

Valentine's Day Sale 2/12/16 - 2/15/16

Kulture will be running a sale Friday 2/12/16 until Monday 2/15/16 for all those looking to buy gifts for your Valentine, or just spoiling yourself. The sale is 15% off our entire inventory excluding all electronics. Don't forget to sign up for our Five Stars Loyalty program as well to receive discounts, secret sales and incentives throughout the year!

Artist of the month January 2016: Owl Glass

Check out and get to know Owl Glass from Alaska, in our Artist of the Month Spotlight.

Check out his work to purchase on the website as well. The Glass Owl

1. So how long have you been blowing glass? Two and a half years

2. How did you start? You could say working with glass runs in my family. My grandfather worked as a stained glass artist and my two cousins are successful lamp workers who have been in the
industry for over fifteen years.  The first time I melted glass it was in my cousin’s studio
when I was about 15 years old. After that I was super intrigued by glass and the seed had been planted that someday lamp working would be a viable option for me. After finishing college at Humboldt State in the heart of the Emerald Triangle and being surrounded by a very talented and inspiring glass community, I moved to Alaska and realized that I could no longer stifle my dream to be a glassblower.  I arranged for an apprenticeship with my cousin John (aka Circle Mobius), who is the creator and owner of Mobius Glassworks.  In the summer of 2013, I completed my two-month apprenticeship with him at his studio in California and then promptly returned to my life in Alaska. In the weeks following I built my own glass shop at my home in Girdwood, Alaska and I have been at it ever since.  My business name ‘The Glass Owl’ comes from my grandfather; he worked under the same business name and I wanted to carry on his legacy as a glass artist and to
acknowledge my family ties that have brought me to where I am today.

3. Where do you grab inspiration? I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and my surroundings inspire me everyday to be creative and to think big. My town Girdwood is immediately surrounded by the Chugach Mountains, seven glaciers hang from our valley walls, and seawater from the rushing tide of the Turnagain Arm can be seen from my house. I do a lot of gold fume work and all of the gold I use is either hand panned or hand dredged from nearby creeks.
Also, I find the glass itself to be highly inspiring, especially the synergy between glass
and light! The glass industry and the incredible artists who make it what it is motivate me
too. I love seeing the amazing out-of-the-box ideas glass artists come up with. It’s always
inspiring to see people pushing their limits and the personal growth that results from such
strong perseverance.

4. Current torch? GTT Mirage

5. Favorite style? I like pieces that are perfectly executed with flawless function. Striking color patters that show off the properties of glass always draw me in. I like glass that looks glassy.

6. Future goals? This year I’ll be getting married to the woman who has stuck by me for the past 6 years! I would like to travel more this year to participate in glass events, classes and collabs with other artists. This past year a few glass blowers from the lower 48 visited Alaska and blew glass out of my shop for a few days – I’d like to host more of that!

7. Work alone or with a group? Solo

8. Any particular artist you work with? I work with John (Circle Mobius) whenever I’m in California. I always learn so much and come home fired up after blowing glass with such an intensely skilled and knowledgeable artist.  Recently, I started working part time for Mobius Glassworks
handling sales from my home in Alaska, which has been an awesome experience so far!  
I also try to work with as many Alaskan glass artists as possible. We have a small number
of glass artists here in Alaska but the interest is rapidly growing. We all try to help each
other out as much as possible by sharing information, techniques and materials whenever
possible. Since we don’t have any glass supply stores in Alaska and our shipping costs
can be through the roof, we really try to coordinate our orders to save on shipping and
swap materials with each other if one of us is in a pinch.  

9. Who would you like to work with? I would love to work with any established artist really.  Alaska can be a bit isolating so anytime I meet fellow artists or friends in the industry it is very exciting and a good opportunity to build the glass family.

10. How has the industry changed? Even in my short time I have noticed some big changes. When I first started I thought production pipe making for the wholesale market was the only way to go, now it seems way more artists are selling their work direct. There are more and more materials, colors, tools, and supplies available than there was when I started buying. Alaska itself has gone through major changes too. In 2013 we voted ‘Yes’ on a recreational cannabis market in
Alaska and became the fourth state to do so! Starting out when I first began hustling glass
there were only a handful of tobacco/smoke shops around Anchorage that were willing to
buy but now the Alaskan market has been kicked into overdrive. Glass shops are popping
up all across the state as we prepare for the cannabis market to open its doors for business
by the end of this summer. The interest in borosilicate and high-end glass has just started
to take off in Alaska.

11. Concentrate or flower?  Mainly Flower

12. Any pets? I have a dog and a bunny. My dog, Wren, is a Husky/Shepherd mix and my rabbit,
Megan, is a Dutch rabbit.

13. Favorite beer, liquor? European Lagers are some of my favorite beers. I’ll have a gin drink when I’m feeling fancy. We love to make homebrews; but don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t look down my
nose at an ice cold PBR!

14. Favorite convention, venue? DFO

15. Favorite place to travel? Colorado

16. Favorite food? Burritos and pumpkin pie (not together)

17. Favorite movie? Rushmore, Dumb and Dumber, Lonesome Dove (trigger warning on that last one)... comedies and documentaries are my go to genres.

18. If not a glass artist, what? I would likely work a biology job, either bird research or marine fisheries.

19. Favorite music or artist? I’m all over the board on this one. Anything that sounds unique and ear catching that isn’t too repetitive. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Kevin Pouya.

20. Any generation to be born? 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…? I would be back in the 1800s riding a horse everywhere.

21. Where do you relax? Islands and a nice couch. My favorite is relaxing at home in front of the wood stove under the electric blanket watching Seinfeld. But ultimately soaking in a wood fire sauna is where it’s at.

22. Go back 5 years, what would you do? I would have started blowing glass earlier! I was living in Humboldt County five years ago so I wish I had gotten myself involved in the glass industry while I was there.

23. Typical day? Bagel sandwich and coffee followed by a morning dog walk; then I usually work in the studio until around 6pm. If it’s a winter powder day here in Girdwood I’ll try to hit the
studio early and get some prep work knocked out before the mountain opens and sun
rises at 10:30am. I’ll snowboard at Alyeska for and hour or two then head back home to
have lunch and get back to work until 8 or 9pm.

24. When you’re not working, what? Snowboarding and hiking are my two favorite activities. I’m usually doing some type of outdoor activity.

25. Next project? I want to make more matching sets.

26. Perks of being an artist? It is awesome to be able to create pieces that bring people enjoyment! It feels good to create things that are beautiful and useful.  The flexibility of working for myself and knowing that it is solely up to me to make things happen gives me a real sense of responsibility.

27. Celebrity crush? Isla Fisher

29. Turn on’s, turn off’s? on: Danger off: Musicals

30. What kind of phone do you have? iPhone 5s

Follow TheGlassOwlAlaska on Instagram!

Don't forget to check out his work to purchase on the website as well. The Glass Owl

MOVIE ALERT! Deadpool and Suicide Squad

How many of you guys are super stoked for all the upcoming movie releases based on comic books? Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and more! I'm really excited for Deadpool coming out in February, as well as Suicide Squad. Check out the trailers below!

Coahella 2016

I'm not a big fan of outdoor festivals but I gotta say GUNS N' ROSES!! Ice Cube?? Rancid!!! I might have to get someone I know to borrow the RV and go rage at this, check out the lineup.

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