Artist of the month February 2016: Scar Glass

Artist of the month February 2016: Scar Glass

1.So how long have you been blowing glass? 

I've been blowing glass for just around12 years now I started messing around in my moms garage  when I was 20 and began my formal apprenticeship on my 21st birthday. I will be turning 33 (my boro year) this September 

2.How did you start? 

I was working in a head shop when I was 20 and started developing a genuine appreciation for headies and glass art of all types. The more I researched the process of glassblowing the more intrigued I got until I finally set up a small set up in my moms garage and was instantly hooked as soon as I melted my first rod!


3.Where do you grab inspiration? 

To be honest I love a lot of "geek" stuff These days most of my inspiration comes from comic books, Star Wars, superhero and sci fi movies , and some cartoons. I also love podcasts Howard stern, and my dog!


4.Current torch? 

I work on a GTT Mirage. It's an amazing piece of equipment capable of almost any glass project you can think of. 


5.Favorite style? 

I love working with color. Originally I was taught to do inside out "chaos" style which I still do a lot of, but my favorite style when it comes to glass is reversal or line work, montaged with beautiful unique  color sections. I'm also a big fan of some of the sculptural work that's out there but it's not my strength In glass personally.

6.Future goals?

I'd like to continue to push myself further and further with my work. I have some ideas in my head for where I'd like to take my glass that I'm just beginning to feel like I can accomplish. My goal is to continue to develop my skill sets in order to make the pieces I've always dreamed of.

7.Work alone or with a group?

I work with a few other guys in my shop. I like to have other people in the shop to bounce ideas off of.

8.Any particular artist you work with? 

I worked at Cornerstone for 5 years I was unbelievably fortunate to meet and work around some of the most amazing artists in the industry.


9.Who would you like to work with?

I would love to meet and work with "Gasp" he was the first artist I ever collected, he has always been one of my favorites and he just recently got back on the torch.


10.How has the industry changed?

There is a lot more information out there. It's easier for new guys to get into this and learn. When I first started it was still a very secretive underground art form. It's cool to see how far things have come when it comes to the popularity of glassblowing and how much the average collector knows about the process and what goes into making these pieces.


11.Concentrate or flower? 


12.Any Pets?

I have a blue nose pitbull named Tippa... She's my whole world

13.Favorite beer, liquor? 

Red wine


14.Favorite convention, venue? 

Champs and DFO


15.Favorite place to travel?

Coastal Oregon with my dog


6.Favorite food?

Breakfast cereal with fruit


17.Favorite movie? 

Star Wars, Fight club, Pulp fiction,  and the Matrix


18.If not a glass artist, what?

I dunno maybe a chef or some sort of behind the scenes job in movie production


19.Favorite music or artist? 

Daft punk, Howard stern, Phil Kutno, Alex Grey, Ernest Cline

20.Any generation to be born? 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…? 

The 80s


21.Where do you relax?

The Oregon coast, in a movie theatre, or lying in my bed.


22.Go back 5 years, what would you do? 

Take more risks In my glass. I'd like to have had more confidence to have pushed myself further down the path

23.Typical day? 

Truthfully I work at least 12 -14 hours a day. I Wake up drink a cup of coffee feed the dog run errands if need be then get to the shop and start grinding as hard as I can.

24.When you’re not working, what? 

I like walking my dog around the river. Swimming at the gym, I'm into cooking, and I love going to the movies

25.Next project? 

I want to work on a few pieces inspired by my favorite superheroes.

26.Perks of being an artist? 

I get to make my own schedule, dress how I want, I'm accountable to myself, and I work with some amazing awesome people.

27.Celebrity crush? 

Lizzie Kaplan, Kristen Ritter, Olivia Wilde

28.Favorite colors to work with?

I love the crayon colors for my line and cane work but My favorite thing to do with color is layer multiple colors to get unique affects. One of my favorite combos is white with striking red with extra light yellow. I've also been loving silver unobtanium lately

29.Turn on’s, turn off’s?

ON: Integrity and free spiritedness

OFF: Bullshit and egomaniacs


Check out of of his available work HERE!

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