*NEW* Mobius Proton Mini Tube

Mobius is proud to introduce a couple of new designs to their line up including this new direct inject Proton mini tube. This design combines a classic mini tube and a bubbler style rig giving you the benefits of both to make one awesome piece of glass. This pipe was masterfully crafted in California starting with a 65mm wide main can this rig uses a fixed Matrix downstem that utilizes a male 14mm joint. Attached to the top of the can is a ergonomic bent neck that also has a maria for a little extra flair. This little rig has a ridiculously thick 13mm foot that is alo beveled for more style. Included with your rig is a female jointed unground 14mm dome. Located on the base of the foot is an official Mobius Security Hologram Authenticity Sticker, with nano text, unique serial and QR Code. This little rig stands 7" tall with a 4" wide foot.

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