*NEW* Mobius Fixed Stem With Binary Matrix Perc

Mobius Glassworks has now come out with a pipe for all those Matrix lovers who a looking for a new twist on the classic matrix. This 14mm female jointed fixed stem is diffused by a single extra large Matrix perc which is split into two pieces and then arranged perpendicular to each other and is housed inside of a 60mm main can. This pipe uses a 20mm bent ergonomic neck which is attached to the top of the can and has a killer maria below the mouthpiece. It is approximately 10" tall and sits on top of 4.5" wide super thick beveled foot that is 13mm thick. Included with this pipe is a 14mm male jointed five hole slide. The slide is designed for maximum flow and minimum drag. Also on the base of the foot is an official Mobius Security Hologram Authenticity Sticker, with nano text, unique serial and QR Code. Just in case you didn't know it was a Mobius there is also an official bridged Mobius shield going from the main can to the fixed arm.


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