Study Time! All Concentrate Items 25% 9/18 - 9/21

All Concentrate Rigs and accessories are 25% 9/18 - 9/21. At ALL Kulture Locations, Online use code School2014 Rigs -----> ALL RIGS! Kulture, TORO, DUX, Snic, TY Watts,  2 Stroke, PJ Glass, Grav Labs, Carsten Carlile, Hugh Manchu, Hilman, Egon, and more! Dabbers -----> ALL DABBERS! Hive, Rooster, Highly Educated, Toro and more! Dishes ----> ALL DISHES! NOGOO, JAG, Illadelph, Hemlock, Bank, Toro and more! Pens -----> ALL CONCENTRATE PENS! STIKE Dome Cloud, STIKE Pens, Vape Ape and more! Torches -----> StoK FYR Torch Nails -----> ALL NAILS!  Quartz, Adjustable, HIVE, TiPOWER, Highly Educated, Cosmic Honey Buckets, Santa Cruz and more! Domes -----> DOMES! TKO, Winn, HAM, JAG, Boro Farm, Cory B, TY Watts, JOP, Slanty and more! CHECK OUT ALL THE ACCESSORIES!! ----->


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