Artist Spotlight: HILman Glass Art

Recently we had HILman at our glass studio at our downtown store for a demo and had the chance to ask him a few questions. Check out the interview! 1. How long? 2 years 2. How did you start? I've always been into glass & just felt inspired to start. 3. Inspiration? I let the glass itself inspire me, also anyone that's positive & works hard. 4. Current torch? Bethlehem Bravo. 5. Favorite style? Line work & Dot Stacking. 6. Future goals? To be considered one of the best. 7. Work alone or with a group? I enjoy both, but collabs is where it's at. 8. Any particular artist you work with? Yoshi. 9. Who would you like to work with? Robert Mickelson. 10. How has the industry changed? It's changing fast! I feel like the bar gets raised everyday. 11. Concentrate or flower? Concentrate. 12. Favorite beer, liquor?  No liquor, or beer (sometimes PBR). 13. Favorite convention, venue? Glassroots in Wisconsin 14. Favorite place to travel? West VA (Snowshoe for snowboarding). 15. Favorite food? Sushi. 16. Favorite movie? A River Runs Through It. 17. If not a glass artist, what? Most likely I'd be doing home restorations. 18. Favorite music or artist? Anything but country. 19. Any generation to be born? 60's, 70's, 80's…? The 80's! 20. Where do you relax? Usually in front of the TV or on the mountain snowboarding. 21. Typical day? Playing video games, melting glass, chilling then some sleep. 22. When you're not working, what? I'm always working or thinking of ways to be a top artist! 23. Next project? No plans, just likes to let it go naturally. 24. Perks of being an artist? Not having to buy a piece. 25. Celebrity crutch? Heidi Klum. 26. Favorite colors to work with? Jack Pot & Purple Rain. 27. Turn on's, turn off's? Boastfulness is a turn off, outgoing is a turn on. 28. What kind of phone do you have? Galaxy S3 We would like to thank Ryan for stopping by and spending some time with us! Follow HILman Glass Art on Facebook ---> FACEBOOK PAGE and Instagram

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