Rooster Apparatus Fritted Disc Percs by Dave Goldstein

Dave Goldstein, the man behind Rooster Apparatus had noticed a trend in smoking accessories. They were no longer colorful objects and were looking like a scientific laboratory apparatus. David has a long history working with laboratory glass and thought of using a fritted disc to function as a diffuser in a water pipe. In the laboratory setting when a chemist's objective is to scrub gas from a sample, the preferred apparatus is a gas washing bottle with a fritted disc. The fritted disc permits small bubbles to pass through the barrier, while preventing solids from passing. Seeing that this was the preferred method of filtration in the scientific community, David set out to make a fritted disc with a pore size large enough to function with lung power and to be used in a water pipe application. David created the first prototype of the fritted disc Rooster Apparatus in late April, 2011. He filed a patent application for it December, 2011. The result is the first smoking accessory intended and qualified for laboratory use. Rooster Apparatus water pipes and bubblers come in a variety of dimensions and styles. The bases vary as well. Coming in both hex and flared foot. THe hex style can also be converted to a 6 pointed star. The bubblers are 10" tall with bent necks and are available with a straight side can or one with a tapered bulge. The water pipes range from 13" to 16" tall and are mostly built on 45x5mm tubing. The fritted disc percs are typically 60mm in diameter, but are also available in an extra large 75mm diameter. The fixed stems come reinforced by a bridge. The bubblers are 18mm and come with a globe and a glass nail. The water pipes are fitted with an extra thick 24mm male joint and include a 24mm to 18mm adaptor, a 18mm single hole martini slide and prefilters. The prefilter catches the ashes when used with the18/24 adaptor. To use a Rooster Apparatus water pipe for direct inject, fit the extra thick 24mm male with an 18mm nail and the adaptor can be used as the dome. Buy Rooster Apparatus Fritted Disc Percs by Dave Goldstein online here.

Micro Bubbler Vapor Apparatus - Rooster Apparatus by Dave Goldstein - Rasta Colored Bullseye Fritted Disc Perc Mini Can Vapor Apparatus - Rooster Apparatus by Dave Goldstein - Colored Star Fritted Disc Perc13" Straight Rooster Apparatus by Dave Goldstein Fritted Disc Perc15" Rooster Apparatus by Dave Goldstein - Red & Yellow Palm Tree Fritted Disc Perc Image  75mm Fritted Disc Perc- Rooster Apparatus by Dave Goldstein

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