Mothership Glass Lands at Kulture

Mothership Glass has officially been released! The product line is the collaborative effort of Scott Deppe, Jake C, Dosa and a number of other glass blowers.  While on the phone with Scott, he told me they wanted the Mothership Glass designs to have no room for improvement when they were released. Anyone can tell the designs have gone through extensive R & D. The look of these are unlike anything else on the market. Mothership starts by using only the best raw glass available, Schott Duran. Next all of the work is done in house, from the manufacturing of the joints to the final assembly. What better way to keep and eye on quality control! All of the logos are etched on some on the bottom and ones on the neck are cut very deeply. The female joints have a double maria around the lip and many of the male joints have been shortened. This would allow for easier removal and prevent stuck joints I imagine. Mothership also ties in Sacred Geometry into their designs. Seems like an obvious choice when you look at the people behind it. Most items are diffused by either seed of life of egg of life diffusion. The medium beakers come with a 72 hole Seed of Life pattern diffusers and martini slides. The fixed stem disc percs come with martini slides and their cans house larger 72 hole Seed of Life disc percs which allow for maximum diffusion! The mini beaker water pipes have either 36 hole Seed of Life pattern diffusers and come with a honey pot for concentrates. The honey pot's bucket is an 11mm ground joint male slide that uses a quartz bucket attached to a swing arm. The moveable swing arm allows you to heat up the cup away from the main bowl and then swing the cup inside once heated. The bucket is diffused on one side by a D-cut to allow an all around even air flow. The Mothership mini bubbler goes a different route with its diffusion. The word MOTHERSHIP is cut all the way through the inner wall creating the perc! So sick! The mini comes with a honey pot as well. The last design we received is also one of the most desired, the Faberge Egg! This mind boggling not only uses a swiss perc style design, it also is shaped like an egg and has 5 egg of life percs for a total of 90 holes of diffusion! This is only our first order and does not complete the line. Keep your eyes out for the second coming of the Mothership! Mothership Glass can be purchased online here.  

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