Teleport Team presents Dick Von Lockely & Hilton Denis

Mikealis and Don Mimosa have been best friends since the age of 5, growing up in Hampton, VA. Mikealis (pronounced Mike-a-lis) brings more of a big city, pop culture/current events vibe to this release. Where as Don Mimosa comes with a more street level mentality filled with chinese take-out, bottles of Andre and chain smoking piff. These two are no strangers to hip hop. Over 5 mix tapes under the belt with the Teleport Team, which also includes JFIVE and DMoore INC. This versatile group is not slowing down. Whether it's party anthems, coked out models, nights in Paris or traveling the country, who knows where the Teleport Team might be at the moment. With support from longtime friends, Kulture in Richmond, VA ,Teleport Team released their last 3 mix tapes: American Tourist,  Bodegas by the Beach, and their latest mixtape Dick Von Lockely & Hilton Denis. Their latest features all original beats. Featuring production by Beezy and Nick Woj the drummer from proclaimed hard core band Cold World and features vocals by Virginia artists like BEEF, Megan Lyn Browning, and Dope Dreamaz. Teleport Team presents: Dick Von Lockely & Hilton Denis was released 4/20/12. Recent videos Filthy Kids and HTC (Hold the Crown) with cinematography and direction by Mark Garcia finally gave their fans some visuals for the music. With a mentality of do it yourself, members of Teleport Team have jumped behind the cameras themselves and worked with Heartless Creativity and even model Chelsea Gabrielle lent a hand behind the lens for the indie pop hit We Don't Care, featuring Japanese supermodel Sabrina Yao Me. Whether it's a rocking a grimy basement party drenched in PBR, being the entertainment at mixers in the Hamptons with sand filled Tom's and bottles of champagne, music festivals in California, or exclusive night clubs in Manhattan, Teleport Team fits in wherever they show up. Teleport as a whole constantly stays on the job shooting videos, writing music, as well as late night sessions in the studio. Music is what they love….     Download Dick Von Lockely & Hilton Denis here!      

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