Resinate Cleaning Solution

I met Marco, the creator of Resinate at the International Glass Show in LA. We talked a bit and he gave me bottle to try out. I love trying out new products, so I went back to my friend's apartment in Silver Lake and he went into the kitchen to set up. Before I got in the kitchen he screamed out that he was done. The Resinate had worked instantly, cleaning a couple months of resin off in seconds! So I ordered dozen bottles of Resinate and gave them out to customers and our employees to fro them to try as well. Well Resinate blew everyone away! We've tried other cleaners and many of them just don't cut it. Kulture only sells products we know work! That's why we only carry Grunge Off, Formula 420, and now Resinate! In our opinion, Resinate is the best and fastest cleaner around for your glass. Resinate cleans all glass pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and vaporizers! Resinate Cleaning Solution is an abrasive formula similar to Formula 420 but is alcohol free and is by far the quickest cleaner we've ever seen! The creator of Resinate saw a consumer need and used his knowledge in chemical engineering to create a product that cleans and sterilizes all glass, metal, and ceramic items instantly on contact.

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