New Dynasty Glassworks

When most of us think of Northern Virginia we tend to picture nothing but traffic jams and over worked suburbanites. However, between the void of highway shuffle and the never ending sea of housing divisions lies a progressive studio called New Dynasty Glassworks. Today we got paid a visit by Mike Higgins and were able to pick up some new work from there studio. These guys have been seriously mixing it up in the lab and we are pleased to have the following pieces for you. We picked up a few disc diffused bubblers and matching ash catchers. We also picked up a straight, disc diffused water pipe that has an ice pinch as well. All are blasted with NDG's logo. Next we got two worked bubblers one of which matches Mike's Space Series. We picked up one of the signature Space Balls, some Space Bones along with several other dry pipes. If you have yet to see any of the work coming out of New Dynasty Glassworks now is your chance.        

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