Olympic Glass Water Pipes

  These tubes are exactly what we've been looking for. Clean worked sections on scientific style pipes! Oh and the prices on these are nice too! Olympic Glass is a young company out of SD. By the looks of it, they could quickly rise to gold medal status. Each comes in an Olympic branded box that is designed so the pipe fits nice and snug. They also have a unique ice pinch design which had Kulture's employees going on and on about. Olympic has glassblowers such as Rhino, Zoltan, T-Raw, and Mikey Dread pulling sections for them. Kulture met up with them in Vegas and hand picked the following water pipes for the store. There are 3 tall beakers with sections by Zoltan. They all have large band sections, bottom disc sections and matching stem and slide kits. Two of the Zoltan tubes have Rasta themes going on. On one the coloring is stark. On the second, the colors seem to bleed into one another. The third Zoltan beaker with the black, white, and blue sections is my favorite. Besides those there is a pipe by T-Raw and one by Mikey Dread. The T-Raw beaker has a fire and black disc section that really looks like a phoenix to me. This one also comes with a matching fire and black stem kit. Last up is a bubble bottom by Mikey Dread with a Mardi Gras themed bottom disc section a clear foot and a matching teardrop slide. Kulture is really excited have Olympic Glass in stock. I see a re-order in the near future!

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