Sling, Salt, & Hops Collab Jagitoe

Saw this monster on Sling's table during the Masters Flame Off in Vegas. Evan asked if it was spoken for and if not, could we have it? He said he'd have to check with the others involved. We checked with Salt and Hops, and it was a go. Well, what's this monster made of? We start with an oversized Jagitoe by Hops. The can is by Slinger and has the call girl image blasted on it. Around the back it says #@!$ Goddamn Sling, Salt and Hops!??!?! Attached to the can is a creature by Salt. The slide is also by Salt. Being that the Jagitoe has a 19mm joint and the slide is 14mm, this piece also comes with a GonG reducing coverter. We gave Salt a call to see if it was the right slide. He said send him a pic of the pipe and he'd make a 19mm slide to match it! So if you become the lucky owner, you'll be getting 2 Salt slides with it!

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