New glass pipes! You know how we DEW!

Kulture just got in some glass from DEW. We were first introduced to his work when he donated a pipe to our Raffle for Haiti. We were impressed with his work and his generosity. The piece was sick! So we asked DEW what else he had. He sent us some pics and we picked it all up. The selection consists of sherlocks, bubblers, onies and a sidecar. The most eye-catching is the inline bubbler. It has an Earth elements theme going on. Earth, wind, fire and water are all there. The other bubbler has a number of line worked colored sections and a matching snorkel carb. There are two sherlocks to be had. One is kind of organic looking with its yellowish honeycomb can and green "sprouts". The other has tight line work and consists of 4 sections using some of the most popular Northstar colors. There are a couple of onies too. They're both sick. One is an inside out job with an implosion marble and a milli. The other is a four section basket weave. My favorite is the sidecar, with its two disc sections. A wigwag at the bowl and a reversal at the mouth, both with the same color combo of white, green and blue kind of mirror one another. . These sections are connected by the the pipe's body which is made of Amber Purple Borocolour. I just love Amber Purple. The first time I saw it was back in 2005 or 2006. It was on an MNP bubbler that we had in the shop for a few months. Ever since then I've been a sucker for it. Over all, DEW's work is quality, his pipes are thick and the prices are reasonable. That's what the customers want and DEW delivers.            

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