Pakoh - Street Dreams & Asian Scenes

Are you from the East Coast? Have you ever studied the bricks that make up North Eastern architecture? Have you even noticed the gritty appeal of Philly in almost every Rocky classic? Well these corner stones are not made with brick. This is a foundation made of glass. Pakoh just arrived and we invite you all to take a walk with us through his urban piece. Pay attention to all the detail in the sandblasting, it's almost like old news print and is found throughout the pice. On the base is a sick scenic shot of a cityscape blasted with enough detail you'll think you've been there before. Im sure this piece took time and Pakoh must have harnessed the higher lessons of self control while creating it. Which leads us to the follow up piece. Displaying symbols of Buddhism, the detailed aspects are alive in this work as well. All the sandblasting is clean and the reserved fuming not only helps push the design, but sets the overall mood for the piece. Lastly we got two Asian vessels from Pakoh. The overall "feeling" in this shipment is reflective of my current moods. I wonder where the inspiration came from? If you're new to Pakoh's work this should serve as a big introduction, and for the rest of us we just keep waiting for his next one. Till then enjoy!  

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