Today is not a "Sound of Music" type day. Rather, it's becoming more of a "The Jetsons" meets "Weird Science" afternoon. Fitting considering we've  just received a new shipment from PAKOH, full of tech meets street. First we got a ROBO-GONG-SET that reminds me of that robot in "Rocky 4". These guys are decked out with little details and even come with a removable antenna that sits atop the push. They are available in both 14mm & 18mm, and perhaps the most fun to look at. Next is the essential requirement for any robotic/electronic devise, the power supply. We got two euro style (no ground) electric slides. These are simplistic and have a unique coded section on the side with a PAKOH signature. Now that we have power lets move on to the next selection. We picked up some T.V. Gong slides along with a set of Boom Box slides. Each are engraved with detail and feature a graf style signature on the back. For the on-the-go type we have two I-slide bowls. Three key elements of design are the engraved maze, the graff style signature, and the actual handle is a mini i-pod. For the detective type we got an ill black Spy vs. Spy bowl. Pulling from graphic design, the positive and negative creatures are cleanly depicted. Metal heads and horror fans should be pleased by the Knife Stab bowl series. Darkly designed with skulls, webs, and brick walls, these remind me of 80's skate decks and Misfits. Oh, those days where you drank 40's and just used wherever you pleased as the restroom. Good thing we've grown a bit, now a days most of us use the urinal. For those that don't have one here's you're chance. PAKOH made some urinal bowls complete with a personal pink air freshener puck. Wow, having written this update on PAKOH, Im suddenly in the mood for popcorn, movies, and my old Public Enemy tape, Im out...    

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Jan 19, 2010

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