Chris Carlson Does Color

After getting home from GLAS I was telling Evan that I met Chris Carlson. I told him that Chris had been doing some really tight color work, and we should give him a call. What we got is part of his Montage Series. A double bubbler with diffused down stems and an 18mm slide with the same blue, yellow, green color scheme. When I unwrapped it, I thought "clean lines, nice color selection, and pretty simple". Not simple like easy, but simple like less is more! Now I'm not a glassblower, but I could see what makes this bubbler the wonder it is. The precision needed to join two colors (incalmo) of the same diameter is hard enough, but to do it off axis is amazing. The wonder and amazement doesn't stop there either. Turn the pipe to the side and the colors of the two cans line up perfectly! That's some skill! In the past day, I've had two collectors, and a glass blower (Max) check it out. All of them were impressed, but the glass blower was ecstatic! This made me very happy. I'm honored to offer this piece of art at the store. The slide is being sold separately. It's an affordable gem, which I suggest you pick up for your collection.

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