Work By Some the Best Glassblowers Arrives in Richmond

I got a call this morning. A box of heady glass had just arrived in Richmond. It was glass I picked up at a recent pipe show. I called up our photographer and said "we need you downtown". He needed a ride, so I headed to Cary Street. When I pulled up to his green house, glass was all over the sidewalk. I hoped the broken glass wasn't foreshadowing a bad day ahead. Well it's been a great day so far. So much great glass, by so many great artists! Let's start with the biggest pick-up. It's a Hops and Tre collab water pipe and matching ash catcher. It stands around 24 inches tall and is just sick! I spent all day looking at tubes before deciding on this one for the store. I hope you like it! I picked up a bunch of slides too. There are 2 sculpted face slides by Voorhees. I met Nick Voorhees and Christina Cody this past weekend. They're currently working out of the same studio. Very nice people. You'll be seeing more of his work around Kulture, as well as collabs between the two! There are two Doshworld donut slides, a couple more window slides by Eric Ross and two crazy horn slides by Dave Colton. Now on to the pipes. My favorite is the sculpted snake head by Bearclaw. It's neck is wrapped in copper and is signed in the push. (do snakes even have necks?). There's a dry hammer piece by Pakoh too. I met Pakoh this weekend as well. Looks like we'll be getting a full order from him soon. I also picked out a Steve Gelb dry piece. It's look is kind of a hybrid between Gasp's style and the the sculptural stuff that's going around.  


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