Kulture Rolling Papers have arrived!

We proud to announce that we now have our own Kulture brand rolling papers. After we opened our third store we decided it'd be a good idea get our own papers. We went to Chris Hill, formerly of Chills to see what he could do. Chris had recently put out a new paper named Nine Dragons. Two years were spent in the development of the paper. The end product may just be the finest rolling papers available. The hemp papers are thin, slow burning, and use all natural gum adhesive. We tried them out, and decided that Kulture should use the same paper for our brand. Only the best rolling papers for our customers! The packaging came out better than we could have wished for too. The packaging itself is inspired by look of our website. The blue clouds are used on the outside and the gray-tone K pattern gets the inside cover. These are too good to keep to sell only at Kulture! Look for these papers at your local convenience store as well!

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