The Glass Fish Part 2

All Kulture locations have just received the second part of their orders from The Glass Fish! A couple weeks ago Kulture received a partial order from The Glass Fish. Well the rest is here, and boy are there are some glass to see! Attention Harajuku girls! Hello Kitty glass on glass slides! They are available in 14mm and 18mm. These are spot on too! For the boys there are some demon slides. He's doing a collection of pipes he's calling microcosms. They look similar to the blow-ins Dickey is doing or the Space Balls and Space Bones Mike Higgins does. There are microcosm slides, and and a handful of prodo-heady spoons and sherlocks. The one for collectors to pick up is the microcosm egg. It comes with a glass stand for display! Another style he does well is frit. In this style are Rasta spoons, eye ball spoons, skull jars and my favorite, the bacon and egg spoons. Who can resist the wake 'n' bacon? The bacon and egg spoon was a hit last holiday season and sure to be again. My favorites are the wooden bowl holders. These are like no slide stands I've seen before. They have a burl wood look and are fitted with glass on glass joint. Definitely the nicest way to display the favorite slide in your collection!

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