Zach P is back

Zach P's new line of 9-5 Snappers aka nine to fivers just came in today and they are insanely detailed. With ties, briefcases, glasses, and cellphones these pulls are corporately correct. They actually kind of remind me of Michael Douglas in Falling Down ready to snap at any for the Hardware series of pulls I'm once again amazed at Zach's creativeness. Then I saw the brick sherlock and bolt head spoon (I'll let the pics explain these), I wish I could sit in and watch while one of these is being made! Last but definitely not least is a re-up on some Zach P's punished heads. These were some of the first series of art I actually saw by Zach when I was out in Vegas, besides one of his Hot Rod series cars. Here's the deal snaps, bricks, bolts, blood, button up shirts, briefcases, and cell phones Zach P would make great addition to your collection at home.

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