GOOD STASH TAIL PIPE TOUR 09 stops at Kulture

Yesterday was like any other Thursday with the exception of one key thing, the GOOD STASH TOUR 09. Kulture was pleased to have all of our customers stop by and enjoy this experience with us. A big thank you to GOOD STASH and all the artists (Jed, Ryan, AKM, ETR & G-Check) that came out yesterday. The day has passed but the event is freshly lingering in all of our minds. Here are some of the experiences shared by us here @ Kulture, we encourage you to share yours. Check out all the pics at our GOOD STASH TOUR 09 Gallery. Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the GOOD STASH 09 Tour. First I would like to thank everyone who came out. This was a great treat for all of our customers. They came out and watched what it takes to make glass pipes. Watching them fire up the torches and go to work was simply amazing. They take a simple glass tube and with a little work and imagination turn it into a beautiful piece of art. The owner of GOOD STASH was explaining each step of what the blowers were doing. I believe that this was important as it provided our customers knowledge as to what it takes to make a custom piece. Through this demo people will gain a greater appreciation for these amazing pieces of art. Thanks again everyone! Adam I left work early to go to the GOOD STASH live glass blowing demo. It was great to meet a lot of blowers and see exactly how things work. First up was Jed & Ryan, two blowers from Maryland. Jed showed me how to make an inside out bowl. Ryan's demonstration provided the skills needed to make a onie. I got a chance to meet Tony the owner of GOOD STASH and supplier of non glass on glass joints. My favorite local blower AKM showed sick skills when making a gong skull slide. It was fun and I had a blast, cant wait till next year, or until we have our own. George What a blast! Thanks to Tony with Good Stash for once again providing a quality event, and talking everybody's head off during the demo. The Tail Pipe tour was awesome, got to meet some great new friends and see some artist knock out some nice pipes. Thanks to Bo B. Ricky R. Brad R. and Timmy from Lucky Buddah for pulling the skate sesh together as well,and also for bringing the boxes and gnar shredders. Special thanks to Ryan from Shockers and Jed from Stash Box for making the 3 hour drive down from Maryland, crashing at a Super 8 for 6 hours and coming to the demo and showing our customers and friends some sick glassblowing. Thanks to AKM for finally showing me how you make those sick Skull pulls that I just can't seem to keep in the store. Thanks to ETR and G-Check for swinging through and meeting some of their fans (your puppy is a pimp too Mike). Thanks to all the fam that helped out by rotating around at the stores and helping every customer ( George, Saba, Adam, Evan, Sabrina (for skipping school) BIG UPS KLH PHOTO for documenting the event with some sick stills, and big ups to myself for burning my retinas staring at torches while I videotaped some sick footage. Jimmy I woke up yesterday. Really I did wake up, and after that I thought to myself "today is gonna be ill." My feet connected with the floor it was time to bounce. I grabbed my gear and dribbled across town to meet up with Jimmy. Much was on the mind and I started to growl at the shutter. The sun was out and mother nature had provided us with a thermostat reading of "luke warm." Not soon after arriving at Southside the GOOD STASH crew arrived. After some pre-setup work the event was under way, and so was Tony's ego. The spectators grew in numbers and the artists were banging out custom pieces in front of an audience. After over a hundred clicks of the shutter and the setting of the sun it was time to grub on some ribs & beer. Peace. Ken

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