Local Glassblower Dickey From Staunton, VA

Staunton's local, right? Just 45 mins from C-ville. Pronounced (stan-tun), it's a cool little town that has produced 2 of our favorite glassblowers, Justin Sweet and Dickey. Last time I was there I went to a group art show. It was all glass that was shown. I forgot my cameras, so I just snapped a few with my phone. Most didn't come out, but I got a couple pics of a dog with dreadlocks! What a hip dog. Anyway, here are some pics of Dickey's new work. Definitely not all we got! Since he dropped this off at the Charlottesville store, we left a bunch of sick items there. Go check out the Rasta heady! We also dropped off some at the Chesterfield Kulture location. Pipes in the photos are at the downtown Kulture location. Our favorites are the sherlock style pipes. One is a layback sherlock that comes with a stand! Dickey is also a proficient metal worker and has made a stand for it. A nice addition to a pipe that might sit weird otherwise. We're also all in love with the stand-up sherlock with the foot. She's thick with lots of curves!  

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