Strawberry makes the nicest production glass bubblers

Kulture has been selling Strawberry's work since... 2000? 2001? Well let's just say, very early on! These bubblers have always been a favorite of mine. You just don't see work like this now-a-days. Everybody is on that new new - stick stacks, graal, electroform, etc... Well Strawberry's work is CLASSIC! The wrap and rake design on these is some old school shit! Lot's of color change, what used to be called Oregon style. Strawberry just added some cobalt glass to the line up too. You can really see the work on the cobalt ones. With all styles and techniques that are used on these, it's almost like a collage! These just came in to Kulture in Shockoe Bottom, but you can find his work at other Kulture locations as well.

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