New pipes by Dickey!

Dickey is a glass blower that operates out of Staunton, VA. He signs each one of his pipes with a titanium pen. Which is nice, so once you get it home, you'll never have to wonder who made it. I called Dickey yesterday and asked him to swing by Kulture in Charlottesville. He said he didn't have much, but would swing by anyway. He had 17 pieces and I picked up everything he had. We'll be splitting it up between the all of the stores. He also told be he was having an art show tonight in Staunton.  He'll be showing some of his other functional art glass... chalices (cups) and urns. He is also showing a timeline of his work, from his very first works up to the present. I'll be heading up there with my girlfriend and meeting up with Becky too. Watch for an interview with Dickey soon!    

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