iolite portable vaporizers at Kulture

  The iolite is the best product to come out in the last year. I first saw these at the C.H.A.M.P.S show in Las Vegas last August (2008). I was interested, but didn't think something so little could perform very well. Kulture eventually got them in and they stared selling quickly. Customers came back raving about them, so I picked one up. I was immediately impressed. It heats up in about a minute, and starts really performing in about 5-10 minutes. It's truly portable. It doesn't require cords or batteries. Allowing it to be used anywhere, at anytime! It also comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. Some quick tips -
  • Use a quality butane like Vector. Poor quality butane will clog the internal burner cylinder and reduce the performance and lifespan of the iolite.
  • When filling the iolite with butane, it only takes a few seconds. If you see butane overflowing, it's full!
  • Give it time to heat up. It'll start working in about a minute, but reaches peak performance in 5-10 minutes.
  • Use it similar to a cigarette. Be casual with it. Inhale every 15-20 seconds
  • When you turn it off, it still runs for a couple minutes.  The iolite is just expelling the remaining butane from the fuel line.
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