Drew, AKA DJ Mordecai has been stopping by Kulture since we opened our doors in 1999. Sometimes to spin records, sometimes to shop, and sometimes just to hangout. Back when Kulture had a dj booth, I remember Mordecai stopping by, and beat matching without headphones. He was putting his ear down to the needle and listening to the faint beat of a Michael Jackson record. He brought it in on beat, matched perfectly, I was impressed! That must of been 9 years ago or more... Well he's still holding it down! Survival Mode will be the 4th Mix by this Double Standard Crew member, that Kulture has sponsored. This Funk & Breaks mix has songs ranging from Soundtrack Funk and B-boy Breaks to Italian Disco and Post Punk. A limited # of CD copies are available at all Kulture locations or follow the link below to find the set list and to download it. Download -DJ Mordecai – Survival Mode

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