Web Launch Bowling Party

So our Website launch/weekly Bowling event was a success! A virtual who's who of RVA was in the building, and yes they ran out of Miller and Coors. Soon as the lights went off and the black lights came on the party started, in between bowling and dancing to the sounds provided by High Life, CjMilli, and VKNG everyone was having a blast! EVERY lane in the building was full! I saw bowling scores ranging from 32 (wtf) all the way up to 162 (who invited that guy hahah). The bowling event goes on every Wednesday and trust me it's always a blast. If you didn't make it last night you missed the girl in pink (who are you?), the Kulture crew doing what they do, 3 of the hottest DJ'S in RVA and "the flying eagle". Hope to see you guys this coming Wednesday stay posted for something extra special starting next week after bowling! More pics

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