‘The Simpsons’ in Supreme, OFF-WHITE, BAPE & Yeezy's

‘The Simpsons’ in Supreme, OFF-WHITE, BAPE & Yeezy's

For the second installment of Simpsons characters in your favorite streetwear, Tommy Bates is back with Part 2. Bates goes a little more detailed this time with full scenes of your characters decked out in dopest items of the year. Featuring Bart, Millhouse, Krusty and Mr. Burns, you can spot everything from the hard to get Supreme, Nike sneakers, BAPE hats, and Virgil Abloh's OFF-WHITE Clothing. Artist Olga Wójcik also did a set of illustrations featuring the Simpson's as Sneakerheads with Homer in front of his collection of kicks and featuring Lisa and Bart with the Yeezy Boost. HUF, and Undefeated are also featured.


Check out more of Tommy Bates work HERE

Check out more of Olga Wójcik's work on Instagram



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