Chameleon Glass

Typhoon Classic Pipe

$ 80.00
$ 80.00

The Typhoon Classic Centrifugal Filter Glass Pipe is an unusual dry pipe that behaves more like a water filtered pipe. Dry Filtering is done with the use of specially engineered air directors on each side of the handpipe. The directors cause the smoke and air mixture to vortex inside the chambers of each section. As the smoke spins within each of the three sections of the Typhoon Classic Centrifugal Filter Glass Pipe, you will be delighted by several features.

  1. An awesome swirling smoke show
  2. An extra cool smoke: the distance traveled by the smoke and air mixture travels three times further in it’s looping circular path versus a straight path in a normal pipe.
  3. A “softer” smoke as centrifugal force spins & deposits combusted tar and ash to stick inside against the glass, while simultaneously adding ambient air through the directors. Keeps the tar inside the glass instead of inside you!

Hand Made in the USA

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