Titanium 14mm and 18mm Carb Cap With Ball Point Tip Dabber 1


$ 30.00 

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This device allows the user to not only easily control what temperature they want to use for the tastiest low temp dabs but it also doesn't leave any wasted puddles in your cup. The idea is pretty simple, first take your dabber loaded up and drop it onto your already heated dome less nail. Then flip it around and cover the dome less apparatus with the carb cap. This creates a convection heat allowing the dome less nail to actually maintain a useable temperature instead of just dropping lower and lower but still allowing air to flow through it from the 3 holes in the cap itself. This two piece dabbing wonder is 4.25" in total length by 1" at the bottom of the carb caps cup. The dabber is 3.25" in length and the carb cap 1" tall. This carb cap fits over most 14mm and 18mm domeless nails and also comes apart by unscrewing it from the base.

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