The Glass Owl Silver and Gold Fumed One Hitter 8

The Glass Owl

$ 35.00 

Kulture has always prided itself by carrying American made glass from everywhere in the United States and now with this batch from the last great frontier we may have finally acquired some of the finest borosilicate functional art from all 50 states. The Glass Owl hails from Alaska and stamps each creation with the states abbreviated initials AK. One of the coolest modern techniques used by todays lamp workers is called Fuming. Fuming involves some science as well as some borosilicate wizardy and luckily for the borosilicate art community Bob Snodgrass shared this technique with us many years ago. The color for the  pipe itself comes from Fuming which is when precious metals such as silver and gold are set ablaze and caught in the glass. Then the trapped fumes are baked into the glass and then finally brought out to various shades by the artist. The one also has a couple of accent dots to prevent your pipe from rolling away. This pipe is approximately 4” long by 1” at it’s widest point and the bowl press is .5” wide by .75” deep. This pipe is signed and dated in Ti pen by the artist.

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