TCT T-Top to Directional Disc Perc 14mm Male Jointed Rig with Ceramic Domeless Nail 5


$ 330.00 

TCT is back at it doing what he does best killing the disc perc and unique borosilicate scientific designs. This pipe uses a 14mm male joint that leads to a natural perc in the water reservoir. As the user pulls on the pipe it will go through the natural perc and then into the 3 hole directional disc perc. This perc has each of it's three holes angled in a spiraling pattern to follow the sidewalls of the pipe and up into the T-Top Perc. Much like the disc perc it is also designed to let the water follow the can sidewalls in a spinning sprinkler type fashion preventing splash going directly up into the mouthpiece. Below the T-Top at it's weld there is a drain hole to allow this pipe to function properly. Welded to the base is a encased TCT signature stickman millie. This pipe stands approximately 8" tall with a 3.35" wide flared foot and has a 44mm wide main can with 12mm wide mouthpiece to allow optimal airflow but reduce splash. Included with this pipe is a 14mm/18mm female jointed ceramic domeless nail.

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