TCT Purple Lollipop Triple Disc 14mm Female Jointed Rig With Implosion Marble 4


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TCT is back at it doing what he does best killing the disc perc and making unique borosilicate scientific designs. This pipe uses a 14mm female joint that leads to a natural perc in the water reservoir below the three disc percs. As the user pulls on the pipe it will go through the natural perc and then into the first disc perc which is one of two 3 hole disc perc's. The second 3 hole disc perc is made from the gorgeous purple lollipop color and each perc is slightly offset so they don't accidentally flow directly into the other disc perc. The third disc perc is a 2 hole directional disc perc which forces the water around the sidewalls of the can instead of directly upwards. Welded to the side of the main can is an implosion marble. This pipe stands approximately 9.25" tall with a 2.8" wide flared foot and has a 44mm wide main can with 12mm wide mouthpiece to allow optimal airflow but reduce splash. This pipe is also signed by the artist in Ti pen on the base and includes a matching 14mm male jointed slide.

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