TCT Red Claw Hammer Pocket Watch Rig 1


$ 480.00 $ 800.00

Our boy TCT, also known as Torture Chamber Tubes, is back at it again and he came up with this cool little take on a more typical mini beaker or rig called a Pocket Watch. This particular pocket watch has a custom hammer perc fitted for the can and a sparkling red color used throughout the piece. By taking the rounded base of a beaker and flipping it on it's axis you can get all the benefits from a rounded can but take up less space. This allows TCT to create an optimally functioning rig in the smallest can possible. This pocket watch uses a 14mm male joint that leads directly into the floating 4 hole angled hammer perc. The perc and accents on top of the can use an experimental green color. On the back of this rig there is an encased opal inside of a flower petal marble. The water flowing from the hammer perc drifts around the can sidewalls using the pocket watch's shape to the pipes advantage. On the base of the pipe is a TCT stickman signature and includes a matching 14mm female jointed hand rolled dome. This pipe is 7" tall by 6.75" long and 2" at it's widest point.

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