Sherbinskis Gelato CBD Cigs


$ 15.00 


One pack of 20 CBD Hemp Cigarettes!

Post Malone has partnered with Mario "Mr. Sherbinski" Guzman and Icon Farms to launch a new line of American-grown hemp products! 

"The hemp pre-rolls are enhanced with proprietary terpene flavor profiles -- Shaboink 'Posty OG' and Sherbinskis 'Gelato' -- and are manufactured using only American-grown hemp, plant-derived terpenes and water," a press release announcing the partnership reads. The hemp prerolls will be "laboratory tested and free of pesticides, mold and microbiological agents, residual solvents and heavy metals." 

Malone said in a statement he was "proud to bring a natural hemp product by Shaboink to market. It’s a product I personally love and know my fans will too.”

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