Scooby Doo Pipe

Chameleon Glass

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The Scooby Doo Glass Pipe is a must for your next session. Shaggy and I were in the kitchen of this Steamboat near an abandoned Airport when we heard some ghoulish noises coming from below decks. We knew it was just Scooby trying to scare us off so he could get the sandwich Shag had whipped up. Normally, I don’t put chocolate syrup and olives together, but, this was a Shaggy Delight and we had just puffed. Then Scoob showed up out of the shop, having just made this piece. Ruuuubie-roooo! he exclaimed.

We had been here for a few days, investigating some ghostly counterfeiters. We found some hydro in the airports hanger after the Sheriff took the bad guys away and decided to help ourselves. As we kicked it out on the deck of the boat, a UFO landed at the airport and loaded up all of that cosmic funk and disappeared in the night sky. Never a dull moment when you’re rollin dirty in the Mystery Machine.

Hand made in USA

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