Pokémon Pokéball 3 Piece Grinder

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Gotta grind them all with this Pokemon Pokeball three Piece Grinder. This three piece grinder has instantly recognizable shape that not only feels familiar in your hand to all of our fellow trainers out there but will also bring a smile to your face to you and all our fellow trainers. This grinder is round in shape and has a flattened bottom so it wont roll away when you set it down. The pokeball grinder is approximately 2" in diameter by 2" tall. The magnetic top inside of the grinder houses the diamond shape teeth while the bottom of the grinder acts as a pollen catch. The middle section of the grinder is a removable threaded plate that acts as the lower teeth for the top lid to grind against as well as a pollen screen located on the bottom side of the removable section.

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