Omerta "The Outfit" Lockable Fanny Pack

Dime Bag

$ 55.00 


Looking to keep your goodies safe, secure, smell proof and ON your body at all times? The Omerta Outfit is the perfect discreet waist bag for you. And trust us, this the fanny pack your mom WISHED she had. Each pocket is carbon-lined, keeping the smell in and the dank out. Last but not least, the main compartment comes with a three-digit zippered lock that keeps kids and strangers out of your business. 

This fanny pack’s heavy-duty adjustable strap has the length to be worn around the waist or across the body, providing you with both comfort and preferred fashion style. Head to any public outing in confidence with the Outfit keeping your valuables smell proof and secure. 

Please note: There is NO magic reset button, you can change your combo after it’s set, but only if you know what the CURRENT combination is.

If you start to smell anything, just toss it in the dryer on low for 5-10 minutes to reactivate the carbon molecules. 

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