Mobius Scope with Polygon 23 Perc Stemless Water Pipe 1


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Mobius Glassworks was founded back in the early part of 2010 by glass artist cIRclE who has been on the torch since November of 1999. Coming from humble beginnings at his apprenticeship over 15 years ago in the San Fernando Valley he has crafted one of the top brands of Water Pipes available on the market today. Mobius has been creating and evolving as a scientific glass blowing company since their start and continue that today with the Mobius Scope with Polygon 23 Perc. This pipe is built using a 60mm main can that is 5mm thick and has a 20mm ergonomic bent neck. The mouthpiece shows off Mobius Glassworks commitment to go above and beyond with all aspects of their work by not only flaring their mouthpiece but instead turning it into a cool glass Maria. The water pipe stands approximately 12.5” tall with a 15mm thick 4.5” wide foot. The Polygon 23 Perc by Mobius features 23 holes in each of the 3 rows for a total of 69 holes. This creates optimal diffusion in the 60mm can with just the right amount of flow. The pipe uses a stemless design that utilizes a 14mm female joint. which also has a couple maria’s on it for some extra swag. Included with your pipe is a 14mm male jointed 6 cut disc slide. The disc in the slide acts as a built in screen and gives you a more optimal airflow over standard slides. Also on the base of the foot is an official Mobius Security Hologram Authenticity Sticker, with nano text, unique serial and QR Code.

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