Migrant Dragon Egg 9 of 12


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Lathe Wizard Migrant collects inspiration for his designs while traveling around this world and others while experiencing adventures that at times are bordering between fantasy and reality. One of these designs that no doubt came from deep within a lair or dungeon is the Dragon’s Egg. This rare mythical find was limited to only a dozen existing and this one is marked by Migrant as 9 of 12. This pipe utilizes a female 18mm joint that pierces through a hollow body beaker directly into the 3 hole pierced circ perc. Since the can is hollow bodied it’s actual shape is more like a road cone with a hollow center than the classic full beaker. This allows Migrant to do three round doughnuts which act as natural percs directly above the circ perc. This pipe stands 11” tall when measured from the top of the mouthpiece and has a 4” wide base. Included with this pipe is a 18mm male jointed slide.  This pipe is signed and dated by the artist in Ti pen and has Migrant’s sandblasted logo on it as well.

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