Merlin Micro Recycler


$ 40.00 

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he Merlin recycler Rollie Bubbler and mini-rig is the latest addition to the MJ Arsenal line-up. The Merlin boasts a recycler system that pulls water up and into an upper chamber, cycling the smoke through the water multiple times creating more surface contact between hot vapor/smoke and cool, cleansing water. By incorporating a recycler water filtration system, the Merlin is capable of delivering even smoother and fuller bodied hits than its predecessors. 

In addition, this version comes with a custom made quartz banger attachment for all of your concentrate consumption needs, all in this one compact and capable rig – all for under $40.

Merlin includes:

1 Merlin multi-functional bubbler

1 Quartz banger

1 Set of silicone attachments (1 carb plug and 1 banger clip)

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